Drop est un objet de recherche portant sur la valeur de l’eau et de l’hygiène. A l’échelle d’une journée, prendre une douche agit comme une mini cure thermale, sur l’esprit comme sur le corps. Les trois pipettes composant le dispositif permettent d’appliquer des huiles essentielles aux vertus thérapeutiques sur l’éponge de douche.


Contact with water always fascinated human beings, and since two centuries, thermal cities are specialized in medicinal tourism. Shower, bath and massage are not only suitable for our body, but for our mind as well. At the scale of one day, taking a shower is a thermal medication.

DROP is composed of three pipettes containing any essential oils that users need. Take the sponge, drop oil on it, and add neutral shower gel. The ingredients mix themselves, act on your skin and spread healthy smell. The grip of the sponge is made of teak and allows various pressures on the skin, for a new awareness of this private moment.