MediCALL-Graduation project

MediCALL-Graduation project

How to redefine the future of medecine in countryside areas?

MediCALL tends to answer this question, considering various evolutions of society, demography, and technolgy available in 21st century.
In Europe 18% of pupulation is over 65 years old. At the same time, a big proportion of these people still live in the countryside.
Considered as unattractive, villages host less and less doctors every year.

One of the solutions being developed by authorities is called « telemedecine ». This field of medecine uses telecommunications devices to establish a link between isolated populations and heatlh care professionals. Telemedecine can be used for consulting, medical check-up or medical assistance of local staff.

MediCALL is a set of devices designed to prevent main deseases and solve the problem of consulting in the countryside. It features a touch screen coated with a mirror, in order to visio call patient’s doctor. A blood pressure meter and an external camera gives extra information to doctor and makes the call easier. Diabet is also a major desease in isolated areas. Therefore, a picking pen is given with the set to sample blood, that can be tested by the mirror interface. All devices are induction charged and can be freely displayed on the tray.

Photos by Ryan Willems, arranged by Puro Styling.