What does this vital element triggers for designers, and how can we treat such a precious substance ?

Contact with water always fascinated human beings, and since almost two centuries, thermal cities are specialized in medicinal tourism. As the mood for spas indicates, a shower, a bath and a massage are not only suitable for your body, but for your mind as well. At the scale of one day, taking a shower is a thermal medication.

My researches about medicinal habits led me to the phenomenon of aromatherapy: a slow medicine using oils to prevent stress, back pain, allergies and a lot of symptoms. Because of all the reasons mentioned earlier, shower seems to be an appropriate place to apply this pleasant preventive medicine.

DROP is composed of three pipettes containing any oils that users need. Take the sponge, drop oil on it, and add neutral shower gel. The ingredients mix themselves, act on your skin and spread healthy smell. The grip of the sponge is made of teak and allows various pressures on the skin, for a new awareness of this private moment.